Eucalyptus Microtheca Essential Oil
Eucalyptus Microtheca Essential Oil

Eucalyptus Microtheca Essential Oil

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 This essential oil is a rarer variety of the the essential oils on the market today. We are very pleased to be able to offer this variety to you! 

By happy accident, my dad had decided to bring home some eucalyptus leaves for me to distill from the Lake Havasu area. What he didn't know was that the variety he harvested from state land was a rare variety. I've not been able to find an E. Microtheca Oil for sale on any websites. There is a wonderful research paper done on the oil (see link below). I also made a Youtube video of the distillation process, so please watch how it's made and bottled. If you watch the video, you will notice only 6 bottles were produced, thus this is very limited availability.

Aroma profile: This oil has the typical eucalyptus smell, such as the globulus variety, but in particular, this has a sweet undertone, like honey, as well as a distinct woodsy note that is very complimentary.


Watch how it was made:

Chemical Compositionα-phellandrene, aromadendrene, α-pinene, globulol, ledene, P-cymen, β-pinene  

Parts of the plant distilled: leaves and seed pods