ponderosa pine essentail oil

ponderosa pine essentail oil

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this oil comes by teaming up with local arborist's who normally pay to dump wood chip from chipping trees instead they give me the chips and i distill them into this essential oil.

As of 1995, synthetic pine oil was the "biggest single turpentine derivative."[4] Synthetic pine oils accounted for 90% of sales as of 2000. this oil is 100 percent natural and undiluted in any way.directly from the production to the bottles. 

pine oil is also said to be mildly antiseptic which means it kills germs and is also why is used as home cleaning solutions.

this could also be made into a homemade spray for hunters who use scent away instead of just killing your human scent put 5-10 drops into a spray bottle of water or alcohol and smell like the woods all day.